Day 13

I woke up feeling guilty this morning.  I’ve read how you can have dreams and wake up feeling guilty from them thinking they are real.  Well, that happened to me finally.  Except it wasn’t cupcakes or cookies, it was a beer.  Which is strange to me because I haven’t craved it at all this week.  Hmmm…  But I did sleep great last night.  Woke up nice and early again (really loving that).  I got 8 hours of sleep again and woke up with no headache 🙂

Had 2 eggs with veggies, 2 pieces of bacon and some strawberries, raspberries and blackberries with a water.

Sat down to start my day (early again) and had my typical black cup of coffee.  Just ordered pumpkin spice coffee, can’t wait for that to come in!

Had a long morning at work so lost track of time.  When I finally got a minute I heated up some leftovers.  I had the “best chicken ever” (see my recipe in previous blog, you need to make this!), I also had my leftover mashed cauliflower (another must!) and roasted brussel sprouts withe a seltzer.  At first I thought my plate was too full and I wouldn’t finish everything, but I was WRONG.  It was delish and hit the spot.

Wasn’t overly excited or dinner tonight as it was leftovers again but I filled up my plate and was very satisfied.  Had a seltzer tonight with dinner as I was in the mood for a beer.  There was no reason except I was bored and that’s been on my routine on Friday’s but the seltzer did the trick (or I made it work, lol).   For dinner I had 2 spinach/meat “cupcakes”, the rest of my squash and some greek broccoli.

I feel like this week was a lot easier.  It was easier to make the RIGHT decisions and to not give into any temptations.  My head is feeling clearer, my body is feeling lighter and i’m waking up with energy (and without an alarm)!  I also cant’ get over that I’m only eating 3 meals a day, never thought that would happen!!!  I’m looking forward to week 3 as that’s when most people say they feel the “magic”

I got my new camera in the mail today!!!  I’m so excited to get outside and take pictures 🙂

Tomorrow I am heading to the annual Seafood Festival in Hampton, NH with my friends.  I am really excited (sad to not be able to eat any of the fried seafood or enjoy the beer tent) but excited to make the right choices and eat some fresh seafood and be the designated driver for my friends 🙂

On to day 14….


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