Day 10

I had a hard time falling asleep last night.  I was having a leg spasm, had a headache and had a lot on my mind.  Since my leg was bothering me so much, I decided to get up and do some stretches.  I got 8 hours of sleep but woke up with my headache still.  But once I got out of bed, my headache disappeared.

Made my 2 egg scramble with veggies and 3 pieces of bacon this morning (haven’t got sick of this yet).

Sat down at my desk to start my day and enjoyed a cup of black coffee

My headache came back (don’t know why?) but I was super excited for lunch today, so I pushed though it. I made “Garlic Curry Shrimp”.  Now, before all of this I thought Curry was “spicy” which I have a low tolerance for but over the past years I have tested my limits with spiciness and have learned to appreciate them.  Some things are just too spicy for me but I am also learning the difference between “spicy” and just “flavorful”.  While this dish was cooking I was getting even more excited, it smelt so good (a perk about working from home, fresh cooked lunches everyday!).  I heated up some leftover mashed cauliflower and dug in (with a seltzer).  Again, another FANTASTIC meal.  And my new found love for curry 🙂  I didn’t eat this slow and savor, I was starving by the time it was done (I thought I planned out my timing well, but guess not nor did the headache help).  It was wicked good though.

Here is the recipe I used –

I had a handful of fruit (strawberries, blackberries and raspberries) with a seltzer.

On my way to CrossFit I had 2 hardboiled eggs and some avocado (yeah me for planning on not relying on a shake!)

Today’s WOD at CF603 – I got there early so did the Kettlebell class

Buy-in 20 Split Jumps

20 KB Swings
80 Doubles / 160 Single Jump Ropes
AMRAP “1” Pull Ups (as many as Pull Ups as you can do in 1 minute)

40 KB Swings
40 Double/80 Single
AMRAP “2” Pull Ups

60 KB Swings
20 Double/40 Single
AMRAP “3” Pull Ups

My time: 18:30, did 75 pull ups (using the green band)

September’s Homework at the box is row 10,000 meters so I stayed tonight and rowed 2,000 to get a jump start.

Had my SFH Recovery Shake for my ride home

I was pretty tired when I got home so I was excited I had some amazing leftovers to heat up.  I heated up last nights dinner; chicken, mashed cauliflower and roasted brussel sprouts.  It was still amazing.  I didn’t finish all the chicken as I was pretty full.

Overall it was a pretty good day… on to day 11 🙂


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