Day 8

I slept pretty good last night, got about 7 hours of sleep.  I woke up this morning bright and early to head out to Jaffrey, NH and hike up Mt. Monadnock (3,165 feet).


I made myself 2 farm fresh eggs and 2 pieces of nitrate-free bacon


To head out on our drive, I stopped at Dunks and got a medium hot black french vanilla coffee.


Made it to the Mountain.  Had a couple of strawberries and blackberries and packed some waters, cut up peppers and a hard boiled egg.


Man what a hike that was, but we all made it.  Got to the car and had 2 seltzers, and a handful of strawberries and blackberries.  We waited for Vanessa to make her way down and headed out to find a restaurant as we needed FOOD!


Because it was such a small town there weren’t many restaurants nor were there many “Whole 30” options so we headed back home to find a restaurant that would work.  We stopped at Bugaboo Creek and warned the waitress that it was going to be an experience.

I started off with a garden salad (no croutons or cheese) with oil and vinegar.  My sister and I split an order of buffalo chicken wings (non-breaded).  Then I devoured some steak tips with sauteed onions and mushrooms with a side of steamed broccoli.


Home now, heading to bed probably early tonight.  But first making my grocery list so I can go grocery shopping tomorrow and start the week off right.
(sorry for the lack of pictures today)

On to Day 9 …. 🙂


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