Day 7

I slept like a rock last night.  I got about 9 hours and woke up without an alarm.

Headed to CrossFit for my Saturday Kettlebell class.  Had 2 hardboiled eggs and a bottle of water on my way (no shake this time!)

KB Class –
1st WOD – AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) for 2 minutes
Power Swings (35 lbs) – 57
2nd WOD – AMRAP for 2 min
Two Hand Release (35 lbs) – 54
3rd WOD – AMRAP for 2 min
Hand to Hand (35 lbs) – 70
4th WOD – Snatch Test
25 on R and 25 on L and the prescribed was 20 lbs and did that in 2:22

Great workout as always!

After a great workout I had my SFH Recovery shake (no added sugar, grass-fed and organic) to hold me over until I got home.

After running some errands I got home and made myself my typical breakfast.  I had 2 farm fresh eggs with veggies and 2 pieces of nitrate-free organic bacon.  It was amazing of course.  I was headed off to a friends clambake and wanted to make sure I was well-fed before leaving.  I packed a cooler with seltzers and waters (was weird to not pack it with a 30 pack of beer), some grapes and apples and Vanessa made a great salad with homemade dressing. I knew I would be able to eat most of the seafood they were serving but just wanted to make sure there was a side we could both eat as well.

Stopped at Dunks and got a large black iced tea with extra lemon for the drive 🙂

I brought an assortment of grapes with us and with everyone snacking on chips I indulged in some grapes until some food was ready (with a seltzer).

Everyone at the party was great, of course gave both Vanessa and I hard times when we passed up anything because of our Whole30 restrictions, but overall were very accommodating and understanding – a perfect environment for us.

Enjoyed 1/2 of Bruce’s homemade sausage (minus the roll) and it was amazing as always.

Enjoyed a piece of blackened chicken – again, really good.

Vanessa had made a big homemade salad with homemade dressing so we enjoyed that before it was time for the clambake!
Devoured some steamers and shrimp.  They had butter there and at first told V she couldn’t have it but found out Maria clarified it so it was a go.  I actually enjoyed all of the seafood tonight without any butter

Lobster time … AMAZING (enough said)

Headed home around 9PM.  Drank a lot of seltzer tonight, but definitely kept me contempt and wasn’t feeling like I was missing out on the beer, wine, sangria, margaritas (oh and the list goes on).  The only thing I would have indulged in were the homemade cookies/brownies from their grandmother who is a pastry chef but I survived.

Heading to bed now as we are getting up early tomorrow to head to Mt. Monadnock with some friends for a Sunday hike.

Good night … on to day 8 🙂


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