Day 6

I was exhausted when I went to bed last night.  For the most part I slept pretty good.  I got 8 hours of sleep and woke up feeling great!

I had the day off so I decided since I was up pretty early I would get a run in.  It was 60* out so it was perfect.  I ran 1.5 miles and it felt great.  Came back from my run and stretched 🙂

My typical breakfast again; 2 farm fresh eggs and assortment of veggies with 2 pieces of nitrate-free bacon and a few pieces of melon with water (had to refill my cup up this morning, can’t seem to get enough water).  I had my SHF vanilla fish oil this morning as well.

Had a coffee as I got ready, but didn’t finish it all before heading out the door.  I was still thirsty so I grabbed a seltzer.  I was headed out to hang out with my BFF Jen and my “nieces” Olivia and Bella.

We went to Kimball Farm today in Westford, MA.  This place was amazing, so big with so much to do.  When we got there we headed in to the country store and got ourselves a black iced coffee.  I was so excited they had so many flavored coffees to choose from (not the added syrup kind but the actual coffee beans were flavored) so I indulged and got a chocolate raspberry one – it was delish.

Today was super hot out (94*) but we survived and saw a live animal show (I held a huge snake, which I hate but did it for Olivia) and we went on the bumper boats and got soaked.  Going on rides with a 4 year old makes you feel like a kid all over again, it was an absolute blast.

Had lunch at their Seafood Shack.  Most of the seafood was fried so I opted for the garden salad with grilled chicken.  They had balsamic vinaigrette (less than 1 gram of fat).  Since we ate late (the line was wicked long) I was starving by the time we sat down.  I had a bottle of water with it.  Jen had the same thing as me and Olivia had chicken fingers and fries (man oh man, did I want those but I didn’t).  I did eat a crouton and as I was enjoying it I realized that I couldn’t eat those so I ate around them.  I had half of Olivia’s watermelon slice as well.  Since I was so hungry it took me a little while to feel full but I knew I would survive.  Next we went to the ice cream stand so Olivia could have one and although it did look tasty I didn’t miss it (I also am not a huge ice cream person, so it was easy to resist – although on a hot day it would have been great).

We headed back to Jen’s house.  I was still a little hungry at this point (around 3ish) so I had a peach and a bottled water.

I always love Kevin’s cooking so I stayed for dinner (sorry no picture).  He grilled up some tilapia, some halibut, some pineapple and some vidalia onions – AMAZING.  This was the first night I was tempted to cheat.  It was a hot summer night, sitting on the deck and they were all (minus the kids) enjoying an Oktoberfest beer (yum!).  But I asked myself if the one sip would be worth sabotaging the hard work I put in this week, and it wasn’t.  Also, at dinner was an amazing pasta salad and again – my answer was still no on cheating.

I got home and had a “final final” – of seltzer that is 🙂  and it made my night complete.

Overall today was a FANTASTIC day.  Felt great, had a great day and although I was tempted numerous times to make bad choices I stuck with my guns and did great.  It was great driving home and feeling proud of myself and knowing tomorrow I will wake up feeling great, rather than sometimes feeling in a fog due to drinking (or eating poorly).

Looking forward to the weekend (knowing I can defeat temptation).
Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone 🙂
On to Day 7….


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