Day 5

I went to bed last night feeling a little hungry but I woke up pretty content.  I got 8.5 hours of sleep last night and for the most part slept great.  I have noticed that I am drinking a lot more water (I’m always thirsty) and thus needing to got to the bathroom a lot more (I know TMI) but maybe that’s my body flushing the system out or something??

Still loving my breakfast, I actually look forward to it in the morning.  Although this morning before I started to make breakfast I was in the mood for a blueberry muffin, but after I indulged in my breakfast that craving had gone away.  So once again, 2 farm fresh eggs and assortment of veggies with 2 pieces of nitrate-free bacon and a few pieces of melon.  I had my SHF vanilla fish oil this morning as well (much better than the pills!).

Enjoyed my cup of black coffee and it was so nice out again (starting to feel like fall), I opened all the windows and enjoyed the morning breeze as I started my work day.

So the past two weeks at work have been S-T-R-E-S-S-F-U-L and down right miserable.  So I don’t know if its the Whole30, the not drinking or work but man am I GROUCHY and on the edge today!!!! Yesterday too but much worse today.  I feel like I’m in a fog and my vision is blurry.  My patience is little to none, I want to either punch or wall or shake something uncontrollably but I am in complete BITCH mode.  So BEWARE.  This is how I felt —>  Todd suggested I go for a walk, so I did.  The weather was beautiful today, so I walked for a mile with some easy listening music on my iPhone and just took in the scenery of my neighborhood.  I did feel better when I was done (like I didn’t want to kill anyone) but I definitely didn’t feel 100% – just going to push through!

Was not feeling too well when I went into the kitchen to make lunch.  I felt very shaky and tired.  I decided to have a half spoonful of almond butter (for the fat) to get me through my slump while I heated up my lunch.  I did google this on the Whole9 website to make sure this was Whole30 approved.  Although it is, its only allowed in limited quantities and not to be eaten daily so I didn’t feel so bad by indulging.  I heated up my last pork chop with zucchini and summer squash.  I accompanied it with my natural unsweetened apple sauce, some cucumbers/peppers/carrots and a handful of strawberries and raspberries and finished it off with a pomegranate seltzer. I felt much better after I ate.

Was on my way to CF 603 and had a hard boiled egg, my progenix shake and a bottle of water.  I am going to need to do some research this weekend and find some food that I can eat on my way to the gym so I can avoid this shake (until the Whole30) is over.  It has some sugar in it (very little; just read the package) so need to eliminate it, but it was either this or nothing and I didn’t think that was a wise choice.

Was so happy I dragged myself to the gym.  Had a great workout; it kicked my butt.
WOD = Every Minute on the Minute for 9 minutes
2 pull ups (still sore from Tuesdays pull ups)
10 box jumps (my first time doing full box jumps in a WOD – it kicked my butt)
Then we had to cash out by running the field.

Thanks CJ for being my partner in crime in this WOD.

I had my progenix recovery shake and then headed home.

Didn’t feel like having dinner, was a little hungry but wasn’t excited about anything I had so I just put a few things together.  Had 2 hard boiled eggs, a handful of cut up chicken and a peach.  It was actually pretty appetizing.

Overall today was a hard day, not with food but emotionally draining and stressful with work.  But I managed and survived (now that’s some will power right there for me) and I am glad its over as I have tomorrow off.

I think this weekend will be a struggle.  I am really regiment/routine during the week so that hasn’t been hard but when I’m out and about on the weekend I just eat/drink whatever whenever I can so having to plan and make very conscious efforts will be challenging, but I think I’m up for it.

Good night everyone – on to Day 6…..


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