Day 4

Internet and Cable are finally back on – woop woop!  Didn’t sleep that great last night (I blame my cat, who wanted to wake me up all night).  Woke up feeling pretty tired and again was super thirsty.

I am loving my egg scramble in the morning.  My typical breakfast use to consist of 3 egg whites and then some ezekiel bread with almond butter and bananas, but the fresh farm eggs and veggies are starting to become a favorite.  I accompanied that with 2 pieces of nitrate-free bacon and a piece of melon.  It was delicious!  I also had my SHF vanilla fish oil this morning.  I’ve been taking the fish oil pills, but they make me gag so the liquid is amazing (tastes like cake batter too).

Enjoyed my cup of black coffee and since it was so nice out I opened all the windows and enjoyed the morning breeze as I started my work day.

At 10:15AM today (which is typically when I eat my snack, as I am habitual eat every 2-3 hours) I wanted a snack.  But I stopped and thought about it and assessed if I actually NEEDED a snack or WANTED one.  Turned out I wanted one not needed it – so I skipped it. 🙂

I was hungry, but not starving when I made lunch.  I decided since yesterday’s lunch was so tasty I would do it again.  Pork chop with summer squash and zucchini and I cut up an heirloom tomato from the farmers market with some salt & pepper and a splash of balsamic vinegar.  I ate the all-natural, unsweetened (no sugar added) apple sauce as well; I am Pork Chops + Applesauce = delish!  Finished it all off with a pomegranate seltzer.  Felt great after.  I am really trying to slow down my eating.  I am a guzzler when it comes to drinks and I shovel my food in my mouth when I eat, so trying to slow it down has been a very conscious effort, one I’m not great at buy I’m trying!

I seemed to have survived the “nap monster” today.  Probably because I was so busy at work I didn’t have a moment to think about it.  I also skipped my 2/3PM snack.  But at 4PM I couldn’t go any longer and needed something to hold me over.  So before I jumped on yet another conference call of the day I made myself a plate of cucumbers, peppers and a plum and it was very satisfying.

I was headed to Eco Salon for my amazing facial by Melissa (if you haven’t been to my sister’s salon or had a facial with Melissa, you are truly missing out).  I brought 2 hard boiled eggs with me to hold me over until dinner and drank a bottle of water on my drive there.

I got home and heated up my leftover chicken vegetable soup.  Its still delicious but wasn’t as satisfying as the first 2 times, lol.  I also poured myself a seltzer in my wine glass (I was needing some wine after the day I had) but the seltzer worked.

Today was an overall great day on Whole30 … my work day, not so much.  Looking forward to going to bed and putting this day behind me.

Onto Day 5….


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