Day 1

Today starts the beginning of my Whole30!  I am super excited about this challenge but I do think it will be a just that; a challenge.  I spent last night at the Tim McGraw/Kenny Chesney concert at Gillette Stadium, so I started today not 100% prepared but I had a plan so I knew it would all come together in the end.  Luckily I stayed at my sister’s house last night so breakfast I knew would be healthy, Whole30 approved and delicious and it was!

8:30AM (ish)

I had an egg scramble with broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, onions and eggs – great job Jen!  The bacon and fruit were fabulous as well.  I had a coffee (black) around 9:30AM.  I always drink my coffee black so taking out creamer/milk and sugar is not a problem when it comes to my coffee!

Egg scramble with fruit and bacon

After breakfast we made a trip to Lull Farm in Hollis, NH.  On our way we stopped at Dunks and I got an iced tea with lemons and wasn’t tempted for a bagel or anything since I was still full from breakfast.

Lull Farm – if you are in the area and you haven’t checked them our – YOU NEED TO STOP BY AND VISIT THEM!  Their variety of fruits and vegetables (and many other items) are AMAZING!  It was slightly overwhelming when I first walked in but I took my time and walked around to check it all out.  At this time, the homemade sugar donuts were looking pretty good!  Now, I am a person who needs and relies on recipes.  I usually spend my morning before going to the store finding all my recipes for the week to make sure I have enough food for breakfast, lunch and dinner and then I make a detailed list before I head to the grocery store.  Because I went into the Farmers Market without a clue of what I was going to make this week I felt a bit stressed.  I didn’t want to over buy or under buy for that matter.  I did feel great when I left and felt that I bought a great variety of vegetables and fruits for the week!

After the Farm I headed home and went to Stop n’ Shop to stock up on my meats for the week.  The Stop n’ Shop near my house is starting to carry a good variety of grass-fed meats (yay!) and reasonably priced as well!  I went home and by this point (3pM) I was S-T-A-R-V-I-N-G.


I had bought a roast chicken (already made) to use for my soup I was going to make so I dived right in when I got home.  It was still warm so it tasted so good.  Typically when I am this hungry I just reach for whatever is close and easy (nutrition is not on my mind).  But by eating some chicken, a handful of cashews and a couple of cucumber slices I was content.

I spent the next 2 hours in the kitchen prepping all of my food for the week.  I cut up my strawberries,  peppers and cucumbers.  I made over a dozen of hard boiled eggs and then also cut up broccoli, tomatoes, mushrooms and onions to have on hand to use for breakfast throughout the week.  I cooked up some chicken breasts to have on hand as well.  I even tried making a homemade mayo (from Well Fed cookbook I just got).  This didn’t turn out amazing, something is off – but will work on it.  I think I will make a chicken salad tomorrow with the mayo and chicken – so I’ll let you know how it goes!

I then started prepping for my soup.  I’ve never made soup but man is it WICKED easy.  I cut up celery, carrots and onions and heated that for about an hour or so in organic chicken broth (with seasonings to taste).  Then added in the shredded chicken I cut up from the roasted chicken and cooked that for about another 45 minutes or so.  I then added Kale to the soup and cooked for 15 more minutes.  This made my house smell amazing!


The soup was just as TASTY as it smelled.  Two thumbs up!!

I think for Day 1 and all of the prepping I did today that I did pretty good.  I know this week will be a challenge but I am excited about it and can’t wait to see the changes I feel/experience.

Also, since you aren’t allowed to weigh yourself during this experiment I weighed myself today and also took a picture of myself so I have something to compare to at the end.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for Day 2 tomorrow 🙂

Usually filled with beer and other “non whole30” items but I think this looks way better

4 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Sounds awesome Jamie. Can’t wait to read more. Feeling inspired after reading this, I’m tossing the gummie bears I have in the bin. Good Luck!

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