30 day Paleo Challenge (my thoughts)

Back in February I did the 30 day Paleo challenge with my CrossFit gym.  I didn’t cheat the whole 30 days.  I think the hardest part for me was not eating cheese, but I survived.  I went into this challenge with not a lot of knowledge.  I didn’t read any books or blogs.  I got the challenge rules and just dived in head first.  Looking back, I don’t think that was a very successful tactic.  I increased my protein intake (if not tripled it) but I didn’t balance it out with veggies/greens or anything else for that matter.  I think I pretty much turned into a carnivore!  I love veggies but I did realize I don’t eat nearly enough.  But because of this (increasing protein and not balancing out my diet) I got gout!  Have you ever had that?  OMG, its P-A-I-N-F-U-L!

I definitely learned a lot by doing this challenge but looking back I would definitely have done a lot more research (read a book and blogs) to better prepare myself.  Now going into the Whole30 I feel very well prepared and really ready to change my LIFE by changing the food on my PLATE!!  I’ve read the book (It Starts with Food by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig – if you haven’t; DO IT!) and I just attended their Whole9 seminar in Boston this past weekend.  I’ve also done a lot of research online, read a lot of blogs, ordered the cookbook “Well Fed” and printed a lot of new recipes that I can’t wait to try.  I’m really excited to dive into this challenge!

I will say that after the Paleo Challenge I tried to insert a lot of the eating habits I learned into my daily routine but what I ended up doing was eating healthy and not drinking beer during the week (Mon-Fri) and then come the weekend I was allowing myself to cheat and I am sure if I logged it all (which I’m bummed that I didn’t blog that process), I would see that on the weekends I was ruining my efforts of what I was trying to accomplish during the week.  What I think will be different for the Whole30 is that I will take out all of the “bad” stuff (with no cheats) for 30 days (similar to cleansing your body and starting over) and then taking the time after the 30 days to re-introduce all of it back in and then seeing where I feel like crap vs. where I feel GREAT.  Then its up to me to consciously make the decision to either keep doing what doesn’t make my body feel 100% and where I feel like its worth the pain to indulge.

I don’t consider myself to have a sweet tooth or eat a lot of sugar but I know just from reading labels a lot lately that I guarantee I will have withdrawals because I am sure there is a lot of hidden sugar in the foods I eat.  I am mentally ready to not drink for 30 days – I think that my body (and liver) need the break!  But I am anxious to see what I miss most over these 30 days and how good my willpower will be to resist any and all urges.

“Stay Strong” and thanks for reading 🙂


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