Hello world!

Hello World!  I just finished reading “It Starts with Food”.  I’m not going to push anyone to change their life through this process in fact I just want to document my experience and keep myself accountable for my Whole30.  I will start off by saying though if you haven’t read this book, please read it.  That’s all I ask – what you do after that is totally up to you.

I was introduced to this book by my brother-in-law Todd (CrossFit 603) and a fellow CF’er Angela.  Angela is already half way through her Whole30 and reading her blog for the first week really inspired me to give it a try – what do I have to loose, its only 30 days.

I just was at CrossFit Back Bay on Saturday with Todd for the Whole9 Seminar with Melissa and Dallas Hartwig.  What an amazing experience.  It was an overview of their book but with a lot more in-depth information.  Very eye-opening and educational (thanks Todd for taking me!)

Yesterday I went to 2 local farmers market so I could get prepared for this coming weekend.  I wasn’t too impressed with my options so next weekend I am either going to visit Lull Farm (in Hollis, NH) that my sister recommends or Wilson Farms (in Lexington, MA) so I can buy local fruits and veggies and get grass-fed meat.  I also just ordered “Well Fed” a paleo (and 99% Whole30 approved) recipes.  I wasn’t always good in the kitchen but am getting much better and I enjoy it but I am a person who needs recipes so I am excited to see what the cookbook provides.  I have also tagged a bunch of blogs/recipes from online to use as reference as well.

My official start date is Sunday, August 26th … I know its all about starting NOW and not waiting but I have the Kenny Chesney/Tim McGraw concert on Saturday for my birthday and I have been looking forward to tailgating so I set the date for the next day.

Keep posted for this weekend when I start blogging daily 🙂


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